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"On the one hand, it will be a boost for the legal and financial services professions by bringing more clients to their practices. On the other hand, it will create additional work for HR and benefits professionals in such areas as health care, COBRA, FMLA and pensions. From our perspective, it is a positive for employees and their domestic partners who are fortunate enough to have a group legal plan through their employer, particularly in states that authorize same-sex marriages." - Bob Dzik, Hyatt Legal Plans, speaking on the Supreme Court DOMA decision

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The API is NOT a legal plan, so
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On Legal Plans - Linked from Oregon State Bar
"Prepaid legal plans have been endorsed by the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG), a savvy group with no interest other than equal justice for all.

Legal plans dramatically increase access to justice, because they dramatically improve the cost-benefit ratio."

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Five Employee Issues Addressed With a Group Legal Plan (video)


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"Membership in API has benefited my practice greatly. Through API, I have developed long-standing professional and personal relationships that have enabled my firm to grow in the prepaid legal industry. The conference, publications and above all the opportunities to network are invaluable. As an active member of API, I have had the opportunities to see the "bigger picture" which has translated appreciably to the firms success with its endeavors in the prepaid legal field."

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